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Vitamin D3 and K2 we can’t have one without the other …….

Vitamin D3  is habitually prescribed by GPs now as they recognise that living in the northern hemisphere  does not give us adequate sun to maintain our bones and joints in good working order.  However the recommended RDA is far  too low to have any real benefits, this article based on research of the different dosages explains why.  

What GP’s  dont prescribe along with D3 is K2.   Instead they prescribe calcium with D3 which is not, long term a good combination.    This article written by Dr. Mercola explains simply the reasons why. 

Dr Luc Montagnier, Cancer and Being Bold!

Dr Luc Montagnier, Cancer and Being Bold!

This fascinating scientist Dr Luc Montagnier, who is still teaching in the University of Shanghai, in China at the age of 80  won the Nobel Prize for Science for the discovery of the link between HIV and AIDS  in 2010.  What he says in this interview 2012 is as relevant today as it was then and has been since time immemorial.  Just change Aids to Cancer, Ebola or any other significant health crisis that afflicts the worlds especially the poorer nations today.  Follow the Money.

In never ceases to amaze me that even with all the information out in the public domain about how nutrition and holistic treatments can cure yes cure even the most challenging of health issues , the medical world carries on with its cut and burn, toxic chemicals and radiating anything that moves methods  which have an appalling track record.

The Truth about Cancer is essential viewing for anyone who wants verification and affirmation that our bodies given the right internal environment can rid us of anything.  To achieve this though  is not for the feint hearted.  It requires first of all knowledge, self discipline, patience and a good support system of trusted practitioners/friends and family. Is that an approach that the pharmaceutical industry would agree with, NO because there are no repeat medical prescriptions and NO lifetime of medication.

These films totally support the affirmations of Dr Montagnier above and goes even further .


My own personal experience when faced with a potential life threatening health issue in a loved one,and the choices that we made to not go the conventional route have given me the utmost confidence in putting this information out there for everyone, to be as informed as possible and be courageous  and bold in the decisions you make.

I am going to continue putting more information out  that debunks the orthodox approach, the tide must turn if we are truly to live good and healthy lives



What do you know about MILK? Can we live without it?

What do you know about MILK? Can we live without it? 


Many people are convinced that the milk we drink today  is the number one product to give to ourselves and our children to maintain good health, good bones and good energy. The opposite is true.The consumption of homogenised and pasturised milk in our society puts a huge strain on our digestive systems as the vital lactose enzyme which exists in the raw milk along with many other importatnt digestive elements, is missing due to the process of the  mass production of milk


The advertising campaigns of the milk companies now in the hands of the multi nationals make huge health claims. In particular that dairy consumption is vital to have strong teeth and bones and to stave of osteoporosis in later life.  Vivian Goldschmidt book on debunking the milk myth is an excellent source of information  on how this isn’t true.  Valuable research that shows the complete lack of evidence to support such claims.

Here is a list of non dairy foods compiled by Emma from The baby whisperer forum

Dark green leafy vegetables

Many dark green leafy vegetables have relatively high calcium  concentrations. The calcium in spinach is however, somewhat poorly absorbed, probably  because of the high concentration of oxalate. The study revealed that kale, a low-oxalate vegetable, is a good source of bioavailable calcium. Kale is a member of the same family that includes broccoli, turnip greens, collard greens and mustard greens. These low-oxalate, calcium-rich vegetables are therefore also likely to be better sources of available calcium

cooked turnip greens 450

cooked bok choy 330

cooked collards 300

cooked spinach 250

cooked kale 200

head lettuce 10

Sea vegetables (seaweed)(dried powdered form)

nori 1,200

kombu 2,100

wakame 3,500

agar-agar 1,000, 62.5 per tablespoon

Beans and Peas (cooked, ready to eat)

navy beans 140

soybeans 130

pinto beans 100

garbanzo beans 95


tapioca (dried) 300


raw oysters 240

shrimp 300

salmon with bones 490

mackerel with bones 600

sardines with bones 1,000


almonds 750

hazelnuts (filbert) 450

walnuts 280

sesame seeds (whole, unhulled) 2,100

sunflower seeds 260


Lets be independent thinkers about the food and drink that we consume.  Let me know your thoughts on this.

Which leads on to an even bigger question, Animal Husbandry  in mass production,which maybe for another blog.



Reasons to use Homeopathic Remedies on Holiday

FJet Lag


Mosquitoe Bites  (the harmless kind)

Travel Sickness

Food Poisoning

Cuts and Bruises


When my children were young we used to drive each year to southern spain to spend our summer holidays with our friends who had a house there.  The first things I packed were my homeopathic remedies, 100’s of them in little brown packets full of little white pills.  I was only a few years into being a homeopath and wanted to cover for every eventuality!  Needless to say only about 5 or 6 remedies where ever needed during the whole holiday.  Over the years I have honed my own personal homeopathic travel kit down to 10 remedies.

I would never travel anywhere without my remedies and now my children, mothers themselves do the same.  The relief from a well chosen remedy on the ailments above is quick, without side effects and long lasting.

Nevertheless, if any of the above is serious a vist to the local GP or Hospital is always advisable while still administering the remedies.

These are my 10 remedies: ARNICA, NUX VOMICA, BELLADONNA,GLONOINE, ARSENICUM ALB, HYPERICUM, LEDUM, MERCURIUS,COCCULUS AND ACONITE. As remedies cover a multitude of symptoms they can be interchangeable for example NUX VOMICA can be used for Jet Lag, Travel Sickness, Food Poisoning and Hangover.

Any advice about Remedies for Holidays and how to use them Please contact me 07532 177698 to make an appointment in clinic or on Skype.  I can also supply the remedies.






Dentists like to get their clients to take lots of flouride to help with their dental care.   Fluoride Toothpaste, Fluoride Mouth Wash , these products that are reccomended are often very expensive.    This article looks at current thinking, current research and WHY we shoudnt be using Fluoride

Mother Nature can nearly always supply us with all that we need if we care to look for it a great site for exploring many alternatives to looking after our teeth and gums and general body hygiene.

Close-up mid section of woman holding seedling



Along time source of great information about all things medical is WHAT THE DOCTORS DONT TELL YOU  This is an article about research carried out in China

Syrups and Teas to make at home for coughs and colds

Coughs and Colds

Sometimes its not always possible to obtain remedies so  it is always good to have something else up your sleeve.  I have found these recipes useful for my own family through the years in the very first stages of a cough /cold.  Medical and /or homeopathic advice by a professional practioner should always be sort if conditions continue more than a few days particularly regarding babies and children.


Add 15 cloves of garlic to 1 jar of raw runny honey and leave to stand overnight.

Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day

If you strain the honey after 1 week it will keep for a long time


In a bowl, alternate layers of brown sugar and sliced onion rings.  Cover with sugar and leave overnight and strain.  Take 1 teaspoon of the liquidized onion and sugar 3 times a day.


Take 3 handfuls of fresh chopped thyme, cover with raw runny honey and leave for a few hours. Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.  This is also good as a preventative for colds, coughs and flu: take 1 teaspoon in the morning


Add 1 teaspoon of the mixed herbs to 1 cup of boiling water, infuse for 10minutes and strain.  If there is fever add Limeflower.

If there is restlessness, add Chamomile.

Dosage:  Adults: 1 cup every 1or 2 hours ,  Small children: 1/2 cup every hour. Babies 1-2 years old. 1 teaspoon every hour

These receipes are NOT to be used instead of medical advice or prescription.



More Tips for Healthy Teeth

TEETH PROTOCOL or how to keep all your teeth

The most important thing is to keep our teeth mineralised.  Most commercial toothpaste use ingredients like glycerin which demineralises our teeth, which then make them weak and vulnerable to cavities and  plaque .  Bleeding gums, receding gums, abcesses etc .all of these things can be avoided or healed by making a few changes in our dental hygeine and diet.

Make your own toothpaste:

Basic recipe is

2 tsp of Bicarbonate of Soda (glutin and aluminium free from Amazon)

2/3 tsp of coconut oil

2/3 drops of spearmint/peppermint or whatever your taste of choice is

Mix it all up and keep in jar.

Using an Ionic toothbrush uses the negative and positive ions to clear  the plaque from your teeth, which is what erodes our gums.

Diet is also essential in keeping your mouth ph balance and keeping your teeth mineralised.

Raw milk and all its by products are important.   This is the company I buy from my local Farmers Market

Liver/Kydneys/sweatmeats are all essential food stuffs to eat at least a couple of times a week.  I realise that this kind of food is not appealing to many people (fortunately I love it)

The obvious food stuff to avoid or minimise is sugar in all its forms. Can drinks, squashes, cakes, biscuits etc Grains also are demineralising .  British diet is heavy on grains and mass produced dairy ,  changing to vegetables including potatoe instead of pasta and good quality meat is important.


Calc Flor  (has to be the number one remedy as it is in most ailments and conditions regarding teeth.)

Floric Acid

Calc Phos



Hep Sulph

Hekla Lava






This list is just to give an idea of the range of remedies that can be used by the homeopath

The above site has fantastic information about teeth.  If you want to use flouride then use what mother nature provides through Green teas, Green leaves like Parsley.




SANGUINARIA:  Eyes, burning and dryness.  Conjuctivitis. Eyes red in morning.  Eyeballs painful on movement.  Pain at the root of nose.  Perverted  sense or loss of smell. Nose dry and congested.  Prickly heat. Red, blotchy eruptions on skin.  Dry cough. Tongue burnt and sore feeling

SABADILLA :   Constant sneezing and profuse lachrymation.  Symptoms aggravated in the open air and bright lights.  Sore throat going from left to right.  Desires hot drinks and is better for them.  Sensation of lump in the throat and feels the constant need to swallow.

WYETHIA:   Itching in the back of nasal passages. Constant dry, hacking  cough no relief. Burning sensation in chest .  Tickle in back of throat.

AMBROSIA:  Eyes itching and watery eyes.  Nose congested, watery runny nose.  Stuffed up feeling of nose and head  Wheezy cough

ALLIUM CEPA:  Dull headache.   Worse from being inside, better from being in  the open air.  Profuse lachrymation.   Constant rubbing of the eyes that feel as if they are burning.  Constant discharge from nose that burns the nose and top lip.

NAT MUR :  Eyes itch and burn. Artificial light hurts.  Headache. Dry throat, tickly.  Dry skin and lips  Thirsty

APIS:  Puffy eyelids, swollen and red.  Nose red and swollen.Thirstless.

EUPHRASIA:   Thick,  burning discharge from eyes.   Eyes are very red and swollen.   Bland, constant discharge from the nose.    Mucous in the throat.  Worse in the evening.  Worse inside.

NUXVOMICA:    Eyes burning.  Eyes very sensitive to light.  Itching at the back of the throat, in the ears and down the Eustachian tubes.  General irritability.

GELSEMIUM:   Non-stop sneezing.  Eyes swollen, heavy and watery. Feels listless and dizzy.

Always seek professional medical assistance if symptoms persist.

10 hot tips for a healthy you ….

Drink lots of water through the day

Go for a 20 minute walk every day
eat fresh vegetables and fruit
A good night sleep

one good thought to start the day

one good thought to end the day

smile at a stranger

laugh  at least once a day

be peaceful in your own company

Fenugreek Capsules

New Mums who have difficulty in milk flow, could think about Fenugreek Capsules.  They are more concentrated than the teas and will have quicker and more effective results usually within a 24 − 72 hour period.   Then  the teas can be used to keep the flow going once it is established.  This is a good site that tells you more

ShaunaI trained at the London College of Homeopathy graduating in 1989 with a love for homeopathy that has continued to grow. I have a special interest in the treatment of women, particularly regarding hormonal issues, pregnancy/ birth/post natal and menopause and babies/children with regard to sleeping, behavioural problems, anxieties, skin problems, re-occurring illnesses and many more. I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.