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Welcome to my website.   I have been a homeopath for over 25 years and I never cease to be amazed at the potential of homeopathy in all sorts of conditions and ailments.  

I am interested in many aspects of health and the many disciplines not only homeopathy that can help towards optimum well being.  On my BLOG  I talk about, share and borrow from other blogs the wonderful information and knowledge that is out there for all to read but often so hidden from conventional sights……


Spring is here and at the moment Summer looks and feels as if its just round the corner.  For some that means HAY FEVER, all those pollens, grasses and even the lovely daffodils cause streaming eyes and noses, itchy palates, swollen and tearful eyes and overall general discomfort.  Homeopathy can work wonders over time.  Homeopathic remedies can ease the acute attack and if treated outside the HAY FEVER season hayfever can eventually alleviate it completely.

My Blog has a list of Homeopathic Hay fever remedies.

Come and see me at the Kingston Natural Health Centre or at The Maris Practice in Twickenham for more information and treatment.  Looking forward to meeting you.

ShaunaI trained at the London College of Homeopathy graduating in 1989 with a love for homeopathy that has continued to grow. I have a special interest in the treatment of women, particularly regarding hormonal issues, pregnancy/ birth/post natal and menopause and babies/children with regard to sleeping, behavioural problems, anxieties, skin problems, re-occurring illnesses and many more. I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.