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Welcome to my website.   I have been a homeopath for over 25 years and I never cease to be amazed at the potential of homeopathy in all sorts of conditions and ailments.  

I am interested in many aspects of health and the many disciplines not only homeopathy that can help towards optimum well being.  On my BLOG  I talk about, share and borrow from other blogs the wonderful information and knowledge that is out there for all to read but often so hidden from conventional sights……


                        Happy Healthy New Year 

This year has started with the usual rounds of coughs and colds. If you go to my blog  and scroll down I have a section on natural ways to treat these annoying illnesses.  Remedy wise,the remedies that seem to be the most effective are GELSEMIUM, BRYONIA and SULPHUR.   I have also been asked to be the homeopath on the mother and baby page of a new South east London Magazine which is being launched in April.  I am very excited by this project as it will give parents access to a homeopathic approach to treating illness and learn about how remedies can aid recovery safely and swiftly.


ShaunaI trained at the London College of Homeopathy graduating in 1989 with a love for homeopathy that has continued to grow. I have a special interest in the treatment of women, particularly regarding hormonal issues, pregnancy/ birth/post natal and menopause and babies/children with regard to sleeping, behavioural problems, anxieties, skin problems, re-occurring illnesses and many more. I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.